What is nutrition?  Isn’t it simply the delicious things you can get at the local market or restaurant, delicious to the taste and later digested to provided energy to our bodies?  

Like all things our bodies  a part of an ecosystem but more amazingly they are a complex ecosystem alogether.  Full of bacteria, multiple types of cells, fibers that are muscular and made for strain and movement or those like tendons or ligaments which help to keep our structures themselves, nutrition is what makes all of it possible.  

In the site DigiGuru LitMan has created surrounding nutrition, you’ll get the best advice online regarding the foods we see every day (or maybe we aren’t seeing them!) and how they can be improved to nourish our minds and bodies.  You’ll be given resources for online nutrition classes, courses and certifications providing you with the tools and informations necessary to improve upon not only your health but the health of your friends, family and communities.