The art of being with yourself.  The ability to allow what is to be what is.  Calming the mind, focusing on the breath, or a chant  or mantra or maybe even utilizing a type of movement meditation like yoga or Tai Chi.  Meditation takes shape in so many ways.  Each of them however, designed to slowly sift away from the noise and settle into a space that stills the thinking.

DigiGuru LitMan is a consummate meditator.  After years of practice and self-discipline through monastic practices DigiGuru LitMan has learned to create stillness of mind in the most intense and unnerving of circumstances.  Or, maybe more relatable to you and everyone else, stillness within everyday life.  

Check out LitMan’s site to learn about the best of Meditation available online in the form of courses, classes and certifications.  Evolve your own practice, grow in self and be well.